Use any LUT as input (aka camera) LUT

Color Finale LUTs allows you to use any LUT as an input or camera LUT. Not only is this easy to do, it also opens up new capabilities.
  • Select a LUT in the Gallery, right-click and select Use as Input LUT from the popup menu. An input LUT icon appears in the blue title bar of the Image Viewer.

Now you can set up the desired color space by clicking on the input LUT icon and selecting Color Space from the drop-down menu. You can also bypass or remove the input effect from this menu, keeping the LUT as a style effect, not a camera LUT.

As with any other LUT, you will be able to use the Mix slider in the title bar to reduce the effect.

By switching a LUT to Input LUT status, Color Finale LUTs enables you to additionally add a style LUT to the image in the Image Viewer, effectively layering LUT effects. To see only the style LUT’s effect, you can bypass the Input LUT.

Last modified November 17, 2020