LUTs Tab

The LUTs tab provides the access to managing LUT collections and LUT libraries located on Mac.

1. Disk folders

The Disk folders category contains the list of LUTs folders located on your Mac you add by clicking the “+” button. If you keep lots of LUTs in subfolders inside an encompassing folder, you can just add the encompassing folder and the app will automatically traverse the folder structure, grouping the LUTs with the count of all LUTs inside the subfolders shown in the list.

2. Smart collections

Smart collections are virtual folders you create, based on specific filters (LUTs name, Path, Keywords, Tags, etc.). Persistent collections Persistent collections are LUTs folders in the Finder you create from within the Color Finale LUTs interface. You add a collection by clicking the “+” button. Persistent collections allow you to copy LUTs from any LUTs folder in the Disk Folders list to a persistent collection for further management and easy access.

3. Persistent collections

Sometimes you will want to create a collection of LUTs coming from many different LUT folders on your system, e.g. because you want to sell LUT collections yourself or to group together all the camera LUTs for each different camera you own, or to have all the LUTs for drone work together, etc, etc. For those purposes, Color Finale LUTs supports “Persistent Collections”. You can convert a smart collection into a persistent collection by right-clicking the name of the Smart Collection in the LUTs list and selecting the “Make Persistent” option in the context menu.

4. Applications

Color Finale LUTs preview and management is integrated with video and image editing applications such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve. You can get instant access to the LUTs of these applications and manage them with Color Finale LUTs. You can even use real-time previews with full support of each of these applications’ colour management settings to visualise selected LUT files properly.

5. Built-in library

Color Finale LUTs provides the access to buil-in LUTs library with a set of LUTs to get instant Looks with the first start of application.

Last modified December 7, 2020