Image Viewer

The image viewer provides a quick and easy way to preview an imported image with a LUT applied to it.

1. Image preview

Image preview provides a real-time preview of the image with a LUT applied to it.

2. Bypass

The bypass button allows turning off the applied LUT so you can quickly switch between the original and the image with the LUT applied to it.

3. Select applied LUT in LUTs management tab

This allows to find the last applied LUT in the LUT gallery.

4. View types

There are three options to preview the image: Single view, Two views and Quad views.

5. Zoom

Zoom applies to all views simultaneously so you can quickly zoom in/out of a preview to evaluate the image with a LUT applied to it.

6. Mix slider

With Mix slider, you can change the opacity of the applied LUT effect to control its impact on the image.

Last modified December 7, 2020