Learn about how to operate Color Finale LUTs.

Setting up Photos

Notes on setting up Color Finale LUTs on your Mac.

Adding and Removing LUTs

Learn how to import your LUT libraries in Color Finale LUTs.

Copy/Paste LUT effects

Color Finale LUTs offers a user-friendly way to copy a LUT effect and paste it into Final Cut Pro X. However, there are a few preliminary steps to complete.

Use any LUT as input (aka camera) LUT

Color Finale LUTs allows you to use any LUT as an input or camera LUT. Not only is this easy to do, it also opens up new capabilities.

Viewing images as LUTs are applied

To quickly reveal the applied LUT in the Gallery, click on the circled arrow icon in the Image Viewer’s blue title bar.

Finding LUTs

Color Finale LUTs offers multiple ways to locate LUTs.

Inspecting LUT Effect

Inspecting what a LUT’s effect will be on the look-and-feel of an image or video footage.

Managing LUTs

In the LUTs management tab you can perform various tasks that are related to LUT collections.

Last modified December 7, 2020