Creating Persistent Collections

Creating a persistent collection from a search or from scratch.

Sometimes you will want to create a collection of LUTs coming from many different LUT folders on your system, e.g. because you want to sell LUT collections yourself or to group together all the camera LUTs for each different camera you own, or to have all the LUTs for drone work together, etc, etc. For those purposes, Color Finale LUTs supports “Persistent Collections”. You can convert a smart collection into a persistent collection by right-clicking the name of the Smart Collection in the LUTs list and selecting the “Make Persistent” option in the context menu. While smart collections change as LUTs that match the query are added or removed (e.g. by buying new LUTs that you drop in a subfolder on the disk where you keep your LUTs) persistent collections are frozen in time. They contain only the LUTs that were present in the smart collection at the time of converting. You can also create persistent collections by clicking the Plus button next to the Persistent Collections entry in the LUTs list. Such manually created persistent collections are populated by adding LUTs from other folders and collections using the Two panel approach:

  1. Select the LUT folder that contains the LUT you want to copy in the LUTs list of the LUTs management tab.
  2. Check the Two panels checkbox at the top left of the LUTs Gallery.
  3. Select the persistent collection into which you want to copy the LUT(s).
  4. Click-and-drag the LUT you want to copy in the panel from step 1 — a blue edge appears around the panel where the LUT is located.
  5. Drop the LUT in the persistent collection panel.

Last modified December 7, 2020